We all start somewhere. Even a business like Rex Plastics, rapidly closing in on our fiftieth anniversary, had humble beginnings. What makes us different? We understand the challenges faced by startups because for all our successes, we’ve never forgotten where we came from. That’s just one reason why we’ve been able to help so many businesses — the vast majority of which have remained loyal clients — over the years. So if you’re struggling to develop and scale a new product, we encourage you to take advantage of our startup services.


Injection Molding Services for Startups


The high volumes and accompanying high costs associated with many injection molding companies can effectively place them off-limits to startups. Because Rex Plastics offers short-run capabilities and lower set up costs, we lower that barrier to entry.


However, what we offer runs far deeper than that. Our process is truly end-to-end, enabling you to walk in the door with a concept and walk out with a store-ready product. We begin by helping you evaluate and fine-tune your design, followed by the delivery of a prototype. We can also assist in obtaining third-party financial assistance. Once all the pieces are in place, we commence injection mold building and production.


But because your business’s needs don’t stop there, neither do our services. We offer pad printing, assembly, packaging, and limited distribution services, so you have practically everything you need from a single competent, accountable partner.


Equally to the point, we’ve helped countless businesses by simply demystifying our services, from injection molding to more specialized processes like double-shot molding. Each product requires individual attention and a customized approach, which is precisely what you’ll get from Rex Plastics.


More Reasons to Choose Rex Plastics


We think that the reasons outlined above are compelling enough to make a strong case for anyone seeking injection molding for startups. But in case you’re still not convinced, consider this:


  • We have 98% customer retention
  • We offer American made products that use domestically-sourced raw materials to the maximum extent possible
  • Our manufacturing process covers every phase of your project from product design assistance and 3-D printed prototyping to tooling, production, and more
  • Our core services are augmented by a range of secondary services ideal for startups and small businesses
  • Our molds are guaranteed for life


Ever since Rex Plastics opened its doors in 1971, we’ve operated by some simple principles laid down by the founder Rex Clark. Put the customer first. Improve constantly. Always offer your best. Innovate and stay restless. Those values make a difference, and we invite you to see how we put them into action on a daily basis. Call us, or simply email and request a quote. We look forward to helping your startup navigate its manufacturing challenges!

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