29 Nov 2018
molded plastic

Since it seems like we’ve been talking a lot about ourselves these days, we wanted to shift our focus a bit to what we’re doing for our customers. They are, after all, at the heart of our business. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished for them, and judging by our retention rate, they’re happy too. Each example below shows a bit of the thought process behind some of the products Rex Plastics has helped to the marketplace. 

Tailgate Remover

We’ve worked with a fair number of startups over the years. They come to us with big ideas, and trust us to come up with ambitious solutions. One client came to us with a unique concept for a plastic injection-molded tailgate remover that would let a truck owner replace their tailgate single handedly.

The catch? It needed to support 300 pounds. Working together with a third party that computer modeled the strength testing, we incorporated ribs and gussets into a structure molded from fiberglass-filled polycarbonate. A short time later, the client had their tailgate remover and a new patent number (#7,780,211) to go with it.

Chain Ring Construction

Designing a mold takes effort. Tooling a mold, if we’re being honest, takes no small amount of money. Another of our clients found a clear advantage of working with Rex Plastics. A component we’d manufactured for him for many years suddenly needed to accommodate a different bolt size for different markets.

While many mold-makers would look at this project and see dollar signs — a great opportunity for a new mold and all the time and expense that went with it — we took a different approach, creating interchangeable pins for the existing mold. The modification took less than a week and saved the customer thousands of dollars.

Family Mold

Pacific Coast Marine manufactures doors and hatches for commercial vessels and yachts. Because those hatches were traditionally made up of a host of expensive parts made of machined metal, it was difficult to keep the price at retail reasonable.

Not only were we able to injection mold suitable replacements, we also customized the mold with shutoffs so that only parts that are needed frequently are produced in volume, with less-commonly needed parts produced in shorter runs. The cost of mold tooling still turned out to be much more cost-effective than machining individual parts, a benefit that was further extended by our ability to warehouse components for just-in-time delivery.

Why You Should Work with Rex Plastics

We’re proud of our four decades serving the needs of clients ranging from startups to long-established business. But it’s more than a point of pride. What’s more important is what we’ve managed to do with all we’ve learned over the years, continually evolving and improving our processes and finding new ways to cut costs without cutting corners. Bring your next injection molding challenge to Rex Plastics and see what we can innovate together. Contact us for a consultation with a project manager whether you’re here in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere across the United States.

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