16 Aug 2021

What are some examples of mass production?    Mass production is what takes a garage invention and puts it on shelves around the world. It is the process by which products are replicated at scale. It allows you to turn a dream into a business and a passion into a successful product. Almost everything you […]

07 Jul 2021
white rapid prototype ball

Manufacturing plastic prototypes – where to start The first step in every product’s life is prototyping. Whether it’s a brand new idea or an improvement on an old design, prototyping allows designers to test products before going to production. From consumer goods to industrial, every field across every industry benefits from the ease and affordability […]

16 Feb 2021

  In almost every field of manufacturing, rapid prototyping can help to ensure the success of a product. Creating a prototype is an easy, cost-effective way to create quick iterations of your plastic part. If you’re planning a product for mass production, rapid plastic prototyping is an essential step in the process.    What is […]

10 Dec 2019

What is an Overmold?   Overmolding uses two or more different materials to create a single product. For example, overmolding can create a plastic toothbrush with a soft, comfortable handle. The central, usually harder piece, is called the substrate, while the outer material is known as the overmold material.   When creating an overmolded piece, […]

What is a CNC Machine and How Does it Work?   CNC Machines are some of the most important tools used in modern manufacturing. They can perform an incredibly diverse range of tasks and are essential for product design. Because of the complexity of CNC machines, it can be easy to get lost when trying […]