08 Jan 2024
A blue stylized graph showing rising trends throughout the year

2024 Trends Emerging in Plastic Injection Molding The plastic injection molding industry is poised for continued growth and innovation. So as we navigate through the intricacies of this dynamic landscape, it’s crucial to stay abreast of the industry’s 2024 trends. Let’s delve into the key driving forces behind the injection molding trends anticipated to dominate […]

31 Dec 2023
Three factory workers discuss their business plan.

Why it’s essential to build a business plan for your injection molding project The success of an injection molding project is influenced by how well the project is planned and the foresight you have going into it. A well-crafted injection molding business plan serves as the blueprint for turning your vision into a profitable reality. […]

15 Nov 2023

Plastic prototyping is a common practice for plastic manufacturers. It is important to understand what it is and why it matters. What is plastic prototyping? Plastic prototyping is a crucial stage in product development where a plastics manufacturer creates a preliminary version of a product using plastic materials. This process allows for testing and validating […]

15 Jul 2013

Injection molding cost can range anywhere from $100 to $100,000+ depending on the scope and intricacy of the project. A small and simple single-cavity plastic injection mold usually costs between $1,000 and $5,000. Very large or complex molds may cost as much as $80,000 or more. On average, a typical mold that produces a relatively […]

plastic injection molding parts on a table

When you need plastic parts for your product, you want a plastics manufacturer that is reliable, affordable and produces good-quality parts. There may be a lot of options, so it is important to narrow down the field with the right criteria. What is a plastics manufacturer, and what do they do? A plastics manufacturer is […]

21 Jul 2023
3d printer printing two small red rapid plastic prototypes

Injection molding parameters are not something you would be expected to know about unless you worked in injection molding. But when preparing a machine, an injection molding parameters sheet must be closely followed to avoid bad parts or damage to machines.  What are injection molding parameters? Parameters are guidelines or rules, so for an injection […]

Many colored plugs, screws, valves, fittings, pipes, plastic adapters.

When making injection molded plastic parts, there are many things that can go wrong. It’s vital to tune injection molding machines and molds for parts to the right specification to prevent such errors. At Rex Plastics, we understand the importance in producing the highest rate of quality parts that we can. Minimizing rejected parts saves […]

26 May 2023

What is a plastic hinge? In injection molding, a plastic hinge refers to a specialized feature designed within a plastic part to provide flexibility and allow rotational movement. The plastic hinge design allows it to endure repeated cycles of bending or flexing without causing permanent deformation or failure of the part. Using the inherent elasticity […]

27 Apr 2023
a machine that makes custom plastic injection molding

Custom plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that involves the creation of a three-dimensional object by injecting molten plastic into a mold. This technique produces plastic parts with high precision and consistency, making it a popular choice in various industries such as automotive, medical, and consumer goods. With custom plastic molding, companies can create […]