15 Nov 2023

Plastic prototyping is a common practice for plastic manufacturers. It is important to understand what it is and why it matters. What is plastic prototyping? Plastic prototyping is a crucial stage in product development where a plastics manufacturer creates a preliminary version of a product using plastic materials. This process allows for testing and validating […]

15 Sep 2021
Prototype mold for small plastic parts with the parts besides the mold.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, ABS, is a common thermoplastic polymer plastic used in injection molding. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to mold. This sort of process is usually used in consumer goods and pieces for electronics. ABS injection molding is not resistant to sunlight and weather, so this choice may not be the best solution […]

20 Mar 2021
example of small toy model pieces that show the lines formed by sprue.

What is a sprue? A sprue is a channel through which molten plastic flows into the mold. The sprue is specifically the entry point of the molten plastic, the vertical passage which then flows through runners and gates, but in general, the entire assembly is commonly known as the sprue. The whole system is easily […]

close-up of small, blue plastic parts

Injection-molded plastic parts   Injection molding can create parts used in all sorts of projects and industries. From cars to computers, motorcycles to models, plastic injection molding is how modern products get made. In fact, plastic parts made with injection molding surround each of us every day. Plastic parts are so appealing to businesses because […]

metal mould or plastic injection mold setup on high pressure injection molding machine

  Get the custom injection mold you need   Rex Plastics can create custom, high-quality injection molds for nearly any application. These molds allow clients to create custom plastic parts at scale, for the lowest possible cost per unit. For more information about the cost of injection molded parts, check out our blog. From toys […]

When creating a product or part using injection molding, it’s easy to get caught up in that piece’s actual production. Things like material, size, and complexity are all important factors to consider and have a huge impact on production. But what about the look and feel of your product? If your product or part is […]

11 May 2020

The Reshoring Index: Change Ahead   During these trying times, it can sometimes be helpful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Even before the current COVID situation, manufacturing was undergoing some significant shifts that may have far-reaching implications for the years to come. These changes are documented in the Reshoring […]

30 Jun 2017

The question is put to us almost daily: “I’ve got a part 4″ by 5″ by 2″, how much will the injection mold cost?” Unfortunately, there is a long list of factors that complicate that question. From expected product life to the type of plastic used, any one factor could greatly impact that final number. […]