metal mould or plastic injection mold setup on high pressure injection molding machine


Get the custom injection mold you need


Rex Plastics can create custom, high-quality injection molds for nearly any application. These molds allow clients to create custom plastic parts at scale, for the lowest possible cost per unit. For more information about the cost of injection molded parts, check out our blog.

From toys to car parts, millions of everyday items are created with plastic injection molding. Why is the process so popular? Injection molding allows for the mass production of plastic parts, from simple to complex, with minimal waste and maximum efficiency. 


How does plastic injection molding work?


Put simply, injection molding boils down to a few simple steps:

One- Melt the plastic material

Two- Inject the material into the metal mold

Three- Let the material cool

Four- remove the finished piece from the mold

Of course, the process is a bit more complicated than that in practice. You can learn more about the plastic injection molding process here


The advantages of custom injection molding


One of the most important and useful aspects of molding plastic parts is the material used. There are many different types of plastic material available, each with their own properties and strengths. 

Plastic bits of various color, showing a variety of different plastics

Need something durable that can withstand repeated use? There’s a plastic for that. Need something pliable and food-safe? No problem. j Plastic products can be manufactured to very exacting standards.

Things like temperature tolerance, chemical resistance, and anti-abrasive qualities are all possible. This helps to ensure that no matter what challenges you face, there’s a plastic that can make things easier. 

Read more about different types of plastic materials on our blog


Custom Injection Molds from Rex Plastics.


At Rex Plastics, we have decades of experience working with clients to create the exact product they need. From packaging to playthings, we’ve seen it all. If you have a project and are considering custom injection molding, we want to talk to you. Drop us a line and contact us here.