07 Aug 2020
colorful samples of plastic materials

Plastic injection molding can use many different types of plastic. The most common are polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). These materials are durable and affordable, making them well suited for a number of different applications. 


Materials Used for Injection Molding


When choosing a material for your project, it’s important to remember that the product itself should inform this decision. Different plastics have different strengths and understanding these unique characteristics will help you to make more informed decisions, and ultimately, a better product. 


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ABS durable, lightweight electronics, keyboards, phone hardware, LEGO bricks, drainpipe systems, kitchen appliances
polyethylene flexible, impact-resistant, leech resistant, moisture resistant, recyclable food packaging, milk jugs, toys
polypropylene leech resistant, flexible Tupperware, kiddie pools, toys, utensils, car batteries
polystyrene warp, shrink and impact resistant compact disc cases, packaging applications, household appliances
Nylon / PA heat-resistant, durable, wear-resistant high-wear parts, quick-release buckles, gears, hand cranks
acrylic optical clarity, chemical resistant tinted tubes, lab equipment, medical products, sports equipment, industrial components
polycarbonate impact resistant, optical clarity, vulnerable to chemicals automobile headlights, bulletproof glass, eyeglasses, greenhouses, DVDs, mobile phones
Acetal/POM Rigid, wear-resistant, chemical resistant High-wear parts, gears, metal replacement




The materials listed above are collectively known as thermoplastics. When thermoplastics are subjected to high heat, they melt and become liquid, allowing them to be extruded into a mold and formed into products. While all of these plastics are used regularly, some are definitely used more than others.

A Closer Look at Common Plastic Materials 



A tough, durable plastic, polypropylene boasts considerable heat and chemical resistance. Commercially, this plastic is often used to package food products, as it is food safe and can handle exposure to hot water. 


Because of its flexibility and chemical resistance, polyethylene is another material that is commonly used in the food industry. While not as durable as polypropylene, this plastic is incredibly versatile and is often used to make products like garbage cans and milk jugs.


ABS or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a durable, lightweight plastic found in many everyday items. It is a great general-purpose material with a good deal of rigidity. It also has certain chemical resistances, making it a common choice for sewage pipes. Things like computer keyboards, phone parts, and wall sockets are all made from ABS.


Finding the Right Plastic for You

At Rex Plastics, we’re committed to helping you create your perfect product. The foundation of any successful plastic injection molding project is always going to be the plastic itself, and with Rex Plastics decades of experience, you can be sure you’ll get the right material for the job, every time. 

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