07 Jul 2021
white rapid prototype ball

Manufacturing plastic prototypes – where to start

The first step in every product’s life is prototyping. Whether it’s a brand new idea or an improvement on an old design, prototyping allows designers to test products before going to production. From consumer goods to industrial, every field across every industry benefits from the ease and affordability of modern prototype manufacturing. 


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Plastic injection mold used to create a prototype

First time prototyping 


If you’re looking to create your first prototype, the first step in the process is to design a digital model. A computer-assisted design, referred to as a CAD, is a visual representation of your future product. But having this design isn’t just a good idea, it will help your manufacturer work out any initial design challenges. The CAD will also help determine the best method to produce your design. At this stage, working with an experienced plastic manufacturing company is essential.

The two phases of prototype production


  1. Design and engineering – As we’ve already discussed, the first step is the design process. You can do this yourself, or use a designer. After your design is set, production engineers will determine the best materials and processes to manufacture your prototype. An initial prototype is created using 3D printing, machining, or casting.
  2. Prototype production – The manufacturer works with the client to determine the needs of the prototype. After this step, the plastic injection mold is created. Because this is the most important step in the process, it’s where the experience of your manufacturer really counts.

The prototype is created using the injection mold. This is the culmination of all the design and technical planning that has gone into creating the perfect prototype.




A trusted source for quality plastic prototyping


At Rex Plastics, we take pride in helping our clients bring their designs into reality. As your partner throughout the process, Rex Plastics is there to answer any questions you may have about your project. Our position as a regional leader in plastics ensures that you’re getting the best advice, the best service, and the best manufacturing know-how around. As a result, Rex Plastics has become a go-to source for plastic prototype production. So if you’ve got a product that needs a prototype, contact us today.