20 Nov 2021
Plastic molding machinery in a factory.

What’s the best way to make sure that your injection molding is cost-effective, efficient, and consistent? Short-run molding! This specialized process involves using molds made from less expensive aluminum or steel. You can expect many of the same benefits of injection molding when producing small runs without sacrificing quality or performance; it’s an easy choice if you’re looking for value on a budget and need fewer than 10,000 units. 


An intro to injection molding


Injection molding is a manufacturing technique that has been around for decades and it still remains the most popular method of producing plastic products today. In terms of accuracy, efficiency, or cost – no other process is as versatile or cost-effective. Even as you’re reading this, you’re likely surrounded by-products created via plastic injection molding. 

Plastics are among the most inexpensive materials out there. They’re also durable, pliable, and versatile enough that you can produce millions of parts with just one injection mold! And because plastic has such high yield rates for producing consistent products – usually under 1% rejection rate- this process is ideal if consistency matters to your brand or project.

With today’s technology, it’s never been easier to create quality, durable products in such a short amount of time. To learn more about injection molding, check out our introductory blog here


It’s in the mold


The injection molding process is complex, and each product requires a different type of mold. Generally, molds used for high volume production are made from hardened steel, a tough and durable material perfectly suited for the pressure and temperature extremes involved in injection molding. Just one of these molds can be used to create hundreds of millions of parts over its lifetime. Because of this, the mold is usually the most expensive part of your production run. But what if you don’t need millions or even hundreds of thousands of parts? What if you need 10,000 or fewer?


Universal plastic cases for the manufacture of serial radio-electronic products is golden backlit evening light from the window. Concept of strategic civil and military equipment


Short-run plastic injection molding


While 10,000 may seem like a lot, in the world of injection molding it’s actually fairly limited. If your project requires fewer than 10,000 parts, short-run injection molding could be a perfect solution.


Benefits of short-run injection molding


Time to market – Sometimes it pays to get your product out as quickly as possible. A short run can help to ensure you reach your customers before a competitor. 

Accessibility – The production capabilities of injection molding offer huge advantages to companies that can afford it. Short runs make these benefits accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Iteration – A short run can be an invaluable step between prototype and mass production. Used as a sort of test run, short runs can help a product develop as it begins to turn a profit, and give you the opportunity to make changes to your product while it is still relatively easy.


Injection molding with Rex Plastics


If you’ve got manufacturing needs but aren’t sure how to proceed, Rex Plastics can help. Whether it’s a short run or full scale, we make sure you get the right process for your product. With decades of experience and cutting-edge technical design, Rex Plastics is a trusted leader in plastic injection molding. If injection molding sounds right for you, drop us a line; we can answer all your questions and help set you up on the path to success.