15 Feb 2019
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Rex Plastics, is glad to share the manufacturing landscape with many businesses that don’t just sell here; they support local employees and communities by keeping their operations here at home like we do with our plastic injection molding. We’re one of the few plastic injection molding companies to keep our operations on American soil

Why Buy American?

No matter where you live, you’re never more than a short drive from a town or city that once thrived on manufacturing, but that’s been gutted since the factories shuttered and the jobs went overseas. Buying goods that were made in the United States doesn’t just preserve jobs. There’s accountability that leads to safer working conditions, fair wages, and better goods. And those conditions help to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Businesses Manufacturing in the United States

From farm equipment to socks and teddy bears, there’s a lot that’s still made in America. Here are a few businesses — some household names, others that should be — that proudly keep it here at home.


Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing is best known for Post-It Notes and Scotch tape these days. They should also be known for their sustainability initiatives, which include cutting greenhouse gas emissions by three-quarters over the last thirty years, and the millions in grants they’ve provided since 2001.


You probably know them as John Deere, and may even have one of their iconic green-and-yellow mowers in your shed, or one of their tractors working your land. The company has been building products in the States since 1837.


Musicians from the world over, including Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Gustavo Cerati and Al DiMeola play Paul Reed Smith guitars for their beauty, quality, and signature sound. Unlike other brands we could name, you don’t have to worry about the quality of an “MIM” or “MIJ” — they’re all made here in the USA.


A global brand, Rubbermaid does produce some of its products overseas. However, 80 percent of their goods are still made in the USA.


The reusable tumbler of choice for everybody from soccer moms to professional athletes, Tervis has grown over its 70-year history to become a household name and a major American business.

And that’s not even mentioning the thousands of businesses that aren’t household names yet, but who keep our economy humming by servicing their local communities and keeping their manufacturing here at home.

Of plastic injection molding companies, what sets Rex Plastics apart? 

Rex Plastics is rapidly approaching its fiftieth anniversary. We’ve learned a thing or two in that time about the challenges and rewards of keeping it “Made in America.” We’ve helped businesses of every conceivable stripe iterate on existing products, or to bring something entirely new to the market with an end-to-end process that includes everything from prototyping to manufacturing and secondary services.

Injection mold making and injection-molded plastic product manufacture need not mean offshoring to China. You can work with an American plastic injection molding company that sources locally wherever possible, that values accountability and transparency, and that’s as committed as you are to quality and supporting local communities. We’ll even stamp your product with a Made in the USA logo so you can let the world know! Getting started is as simple as an email, or a phone call to 1-800-839-0366.

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