You’re not alone. At any given moment, somewhere in the world, someone struggles with the same plastic injection molding challenge: you have a part that you need to modify, but you don’t want to buy a new one. Our advice to anyone facing this situation is don’t reinvent the wheel—especially when it comes to sprockets and mini installers. At Rex Plastics, we help countless customers “modify the wheel,” saving them valuable time and money.


Recently, we worked with two customers who both had existing plastic molds that worked, but they needed to be tweaked. Building a new plastic mold was out of the question. The costs were too high. Each customer needed a custom plastic mold. And that’s where we stepped in. Rex Plastics was able to modify each customer’s existing plastic mold, resulting in hundreds of dollars of savings.


Cost Saving Case #1: Sprocket


Our customer needed a part similar to one that we currently produced for them but wanted to avoid the cost of a separate mold.


We reviewed the customer’s current mold and discovered that there was enough room to add the new part to the existing mold. We added the new part to the existing mold and installed a shut-off so they could order either part.


Our customer saved approximately 40% of what it would cost to manufacture a new mold and is now able to produce both parts with the same tool.



Cost Saving Case #2: Mini Installer


Our customer had a product that required a hand loaded core in their mold to produce internal threads and needed a much smaller part with the same threads.


We reviewed the customer’s current part and determined that we could use the same core for the new part. A new mold was created using the same core.


Our customer was able to avoid the cost of reproducing the core component and saved hundreds of dollars.


We can help you modify your existing plastic mold

At Rex Plastics, we help our customers modify a wide range of plastic molded parts. If you’re worried you need to reinvent the wheel, contact us to see how we can help you modify your existing plastic molded part. We bet our team can help you save money.


Why Rex Plastics

Beyond modifications, we’re proud to offer many types of services, including plastic injection molding services, done by a local team of experienced and dedicated operators. We are a full-service custom plastic injection molder and mold maker. We can bring your idea, part, or product to life from conception to completion in the following areas:


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