Rex Plastics Product Development for Powder Cord Pouch

Introducing the BuckleTite Snow Boot Buckle Tool

Rex Plastics has recently added a new product to our production line. This product demonstrates our expert ability helping customers wade through the product development process, and illustrates what we can do for you to bring a new plastic part to market if you are a start-up company, or even multi-national corporation.

BuckleTite Product DevelopmentThe BuckleTite™ buckle lever is a tool for downhill snow skiers, invented to help clamp down ski boot buckles. Launched by Powder Cord Pouch in Eugene, Oregon, the tool is the latest in their product line of ski and cold weather accessories. Aside from the new BuckleTite tool, Powder Cord Pouches are known as the best device for keeping your wayward powder cords under control both in your gear bag and while you’re skiing. We invite you to learn more about Powder Cord Pouch and the BuckleTite Snow Boot Buckle Tool, here.

“Rex Plastics was very helpful in the product development process. They helped me with part design, material selection and made many improvements to the sample product I originally brought them. In fact, the design changes their engineer suggested literally cut the injection mold cost in half.”  -Tom Arnold, owner of Powder Cord Pouch.

Our plastic part design work with Powder Cord Pouch is another example of a customer with a great idea who needed help getting that idea to market. We at Rex Plastics pride ourselves in being large enough to have the expertise and staff to easily navigate the waters of product development, but small enough to actually answer the phone when you call and answer your questions.  Simply stated, when you work with Rex, your work matters to us.

About Rex Plastics, Inc.

Rex Plastics is a second generation, family-owned and operated plastic injection molder in Washington state who works with companies large and small to assist in product development.  We are committed to American manufacturing and the growth of American jobs.

“We can take a customer’s napkin drawing in the front door, ship retail-ready products out the back door, and do it all in-house.” Rich Clark, President, Rex Plastics

Rex Plastics is responsible for bringing 18 new plastic injection molded products to market last year, and continues the trend in helping with product design again this year.  Processes used by Rex Plastics include part design, prototyping, injection mold design and building, injection molding production, pad printing, assembly and packaging. For more information or for a free quote call 1-800-839-0366 or visit

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