13 Jun 2013

biopolymersFinally there is a green alternative for producing plastic parts. Biopolymers are the green alternative using biologically derived polymers. These are an alternative to petroleum based polymers.

Going green and corporate responsibility is growing interest by many companies. The growing world populations with limited natural resources has fueled a new type of renewable plastics… one based on a renewable resource.

Rex Plastics is pleased to announce that it is now offering biopolymers as an option in renewable plastic production. After having invested our resources in the testing and processing of these materials, we are confident that biopolymer products offer a viable alternative to conventional plastic under certain circumstances.

What are Biopolymers?

Biopolymers are a renewable plastic material manufactured from biomass such as corn, wheat, sugar cane, and potatoes. Although most biopolymer products are not 100% petroleum free, they are biodegradable and compostable. Once the biopolymer is placed in a compost environment, they are broken down into CO2 and water by microorganisms, usually within 6 months.

How Do The Physical Properties Compare To Other Plastics?

Today’s biopolymers are comparable to polystyrene and polyethylene plastics, with even more tensile strength than most of those plastics.  Comparison chart

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