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The Rest of It

In engaging with Rex Plastics (or any manufacturer), the more information you provide the better. We want your product to be a success, so we will use the information you provide to give you the best chance possible to hit the ground running. The following items are important but not as crucial as the first two.


Knowing the environment the product will be used in and the stresses it will endure will help us determine how robust the structural design and material will need to be.


While a lot of molders will not even engage with you if you need less than 1,000,000 parts annually, that is not our concern. We use this information to determine how to build your injection mold. If you need 1,000 parts per year we will plan on a single cavity mold, which produces one part per cycle. If you do need a million parts per year, we will quote a multi-cavity mold that will produce 8, 16, or 24 parts per cycle.


As discussed earlier, material selection is critical and needs to be based on the application. At Rex Plastics we can utilize materials ranging from a soft-touch elastomer that resembles silicone or rubber, to a fiberglass filled nylon resin if strength and rigidity is required.

Secondary Operations

Do you want printing on the part? Does it need to be assembled? Do you want packaging? Knowing these things up front will eliminate a lot of back-and-forth later on.

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