15 Nov 2018
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How do you achieve 98% customer retention? Many of the businesses that first approach Rex Plastics with their plastic injection molding needs are skeptical when we mention that number, but they soon find themselves part of a statistic about which we’re particularly proud. But it’s not just the number that matters. How we got there, how we’ve stayed there, and what it all means for your business? That’s a different story. 

How We Got Here

Vancouver Business Journal readers recently voted us a 2017 Best in Business winner among manufacturers in the Southwest Washington region. Their readers, many of them our customers, recognize what makes us unique.

Our People

That 98% figure we quoted? We didn’t pull that number out of thin air. Over the last decade, we’ve had only three — count ‘em, three — out of 214 clients decamp for another injection molding company. People tend to stay put when they realize we’re as invested in their success as they are, and when you love your customers as much as you love what you do.

Made in America

Commerce may have gone global and brought manufacturing along with it, but Rex Plastics is proudly — even stubbornly — American made, using domestically-sourced raw materials whenever possible. That keeps your money, and no small number of jobs, local, just like it should be. It also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your product is ethically made.

Full Lifecycle Manufacturing

The only thing you need is an idea. From product design assistance and 3-D printed prototyping, to tooling injection molds, manufacture, and a number of secondary services, we’re equipped to handle the rest. Walk in with a concept, walk out with a finished product — we really do keep it that simple.

Lifetime Guarantee

Let’s say you take us up on that full-service manufacturing process. Did you know that we offer rebates on the CAD engineering and prototyping? Even more importantly, we guarantee your molds for life — cavities, runners, cores, water channels, parting line surfaces, and ejection. Try getting a Chinese company to do that!

We Give Back

Our employees make this business run, our customers keep us in business, and as a company, we’re quick to show our gratitude to both. Whether we’re acting as good employers, good neighbors, or good corporate citizens, we do our part to help build up the community that’s helped us thrive over the years. We’re thankful to, and for, you — and we make sure you remember that.

Get in Touch With Us

Rex Plastics has been in business since 1971. We’ve seen many changes over the years, and have evolved over time. That continual learning hasn’t just improved our manufacturing and our processes. It’s helped us keep pace with the industry — and, from time to time, to outpace it. We place the customer first, just like our founder Rex Clark did, and we’re a family business who’d love to welcome you aboard. Contact us today and request a quote. Whether it’s a short run or your biggest challenge, we look forward to helping with solutions.

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