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When you need plastic parts for your product, you want a plastics manufacturer that is reliable, affordable and produces good-quality parts. There may be a lot of options, so it is important to narrow down the field with the right criteria.

What is a plastics manufacturer, and what do they do?

An injection molding partA plastics manufacturer is a company that produces plastic parts. The most common way this is done is through injection molding, but some plastics are made with methods such as blow molding or extrusion. A plastics manufacturer may also build molds, prototype parts, or offer post-production services such as pad printing. 





What to look for when choosing a plastics manufacturer

You need a list of criteria based on your personal needs to ensure that the plastic manufacturer you select is the best one for your project.

1. Know the budget for your project.custom plastic parts

Affordability is very important for any project. When you find plastic manufacturers, request quotes for your specific project—this is offered for free by most manufacturers. Different companies may range in price, so it is important to know if they can stay within your budget.

2. Manufacturer’s volume and capacity

How many parts will you need, and when will you need them? These questions are important to answer when meeting with a plastics manufacturer to discuss your project. Depending on how many machines they operate, the hours they run them, and how many other customers they have, a manufacturer may not be able to provide you with the parts you need in a reasonable time if your order is too large. 

3. Product materials and applications

custom plastic partsWhen discussing the specs of your part, you will want to have an idea of what material to use. If you don’t know, this is a good thing to discuss with a manufacturer as they will have a good understanding of the advantages of different types of plastic and what has worked well for other parts they have made. You will want to make sure that any other needs you have for your part, such as inserts or printing, are manageable for the plastic manufacturer you select. 

Image to the left: Printing is applied to a part after it leaves the mold.

4. Feedback, prototyping, and advice

custom plastic partsYou know your part and your needs best, and a manufacturer will know plastic best. Select a company that offers helpful feedback and thorough prototyping before a mold is ever built to make sure it turns out the way you plan. A plastics manufacturer that communicates well with honesty and respect will make any project much easier to handle. 

Image to the right: A plastic part with hydrographics applied for a camouflage print.

5. On-time, quality products

custom plastic partsFinally, read reviews and observe sample products from a plastics manufacturer. If past customers report that their products were of good quality, were delivered when promised, and the manufacturer was easy to work with, this is a good sign. 

Image to the left: A plastic part with a threaded metal insert. 



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