What are the Benefits of Injection Molding?

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What are the Benefits of Injection Molding?

There are many benefits to injection molding. While the process used to produce any part is limited based on it’s design, there is more than one way to produce products suitable for injection molding. These include casting, machining, printing, among others.

If your sales or usage meets a certain volume, it means it’s time to consider injection molding.


  • While the investment needed to build an injection mold can be substantial, as seen in this price guide, the product that mold produces when completed cannot be made for less with any other process.


  • Injection molds made for production are machined from hardened tool steel. These molds often outlive the product’s life cycle, and produce the same part within thousandths of an inch the entire time. A handful of molders (including us) provide a lifetime guarantee on the molds they produce.


  • In the same vein as repeatability, the quality of an injection molded part is very consistent. If the mold design, material selection, and product design is done properly the reject rate for this process can be well below 1%.


  • For high volume applications an injection mold can be built with multiple cavities, which produces multiple parts per cycle. For instance, if a 24 cavity mold were to be built for a thin walled part, a plastic injection molding company could output 200,000 in a 24 hour day. As a general rule of thumb though, if a customer feels they may need 1,000 or more per year, injection molding may be beneficial.
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